What is Rent to Rent? How does it work?

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Rent to rent is when you rent out a Property from a Landlord at the Guaranteed rent o rent it out yourself, to a TENATES.

Why choose Rent to Rent?

R2R is being used by many property professionals to create quick cash flow with low initial capital costs.

at the end of the month, you pay the Landlord the rent and utility bills and what’s leftover is your Profit.

Types of Rent to Rent

There are two forms of rent to rent.

One from R2R is R2SA (Rent to Serviced Accommodation) where you rent an apartment or flat from the Landlord and rent the property to TENANTS for a short term basis through different online booking property platforms like Booking.comAirbnb, etc

Second, from R2R is R2HMO (Rent to House in Multiple Occupancies) where you rent a House from the Landlord and rent it to TENANTS room by room.

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