Top 6 Situations to Accept First Rental Offers on Your Property

Top 6 Situations to Accept First Rental Offers on Your Property

If you are a Landlord and want to give your property on rent, or rental offer, there are many challenging obstacles. You will meet every type of person who will entertain you with his budget. If we talk about giving the property on rent at the very first offer you get, it might seem a bit strange. But some possibilities make you accept the very first offer. Well, it is a dangerous situation. It can be beneficial for the Landlord tenant or both. Many Landlords are doubtful to accept the first rental offer given on their home. They try to entertain interested buyers with multiple offers and try to start potential bidding wars.

In some conditions, the first offer can be the best to accept. Accepting first offers can make sense when you are living in a fast real estate market or makes more sense when the offer is fair.

There are such conditions when accepting the first rental offer becomes the best choice. Accepting the first offers can make sense when you are living in a fast real estate market or see that the tenant is giving you a reasonable rental fair. Let’s suppose you are sitting on a couch on a weekday, thinking to rent your property and making a good profit, a tenant calls you or approaches you and makes a reasonable call on your property and the margins are quite profitable. Will you shake hands or deny the offer? Of course, you will accept it. Most probably because you see good profit margins. Or you have some good real estate market experience.

Sometimes first offers are not reliable to consider. Landlords do not receive prices according to their expectations and demand. This situation is only solved when the landlords have more time to move slowly, they are not in a hurry to make a quick decision and would welcome new offers. People do not to accept the first offer because they think this offer is not worth taking. We cannot say it’s a must selling or giving on rent speeds up the whole process of buying and selling houses and other properties. But some people take the concept of accepting the first offer quite wrong. They believe they are at a loss, every time! But the answer is a straight no, well not at least every time.

However many situations force you to accept the first offer on your property. Here are some situations where the first offer is worth taking or might seem considerable. Let’s have a walk-through.

Getting Your First Rental Offer Investment

Many landlords prefer to give their properties on rent before they move to a new place. Landlords consider this as a huge relief. Well, it is easy earning.  However many landlords cannot run both their homes together. They usually hire a property manager, hand him the property and leave taking all the tension off their mind and enjoying moving to a new place. Moving to a new place and a property on rent can support their financial situations or personal life events. Landlords usually rent their properties to support their financial living.

Rental offer Timing

This may seem strange but the real estate market indirectly depends on time. Properties which stay long in the market forces people to assume wrong about the property. People start thinking of it as a ‘dead property’. And the worst scenario approaches when the market value of your property enters an extreme fall. In these conditions, experts always say to consider the first few offers. They believe the first three weeks are always active for the property. Experts also advise to schedule putting the property on sale or rent. Promote it on different platforms, and look for buyers and tenants. Experienced Experts believe that there are several seasons or months for real estate activity.

Tenants Paying Rent In Cash

The cash offer is also considered to be a situation of accepting the first offer. Experts say that a cash offer is one of the easiest, most comfortable and safe transactions.

Cash Clients are normally considered as most sincere clients. Cash is the safest option for money transactions. There is no chance of any happening. The landlord is safe from every bad possibility related to this money. All Cash offer is the best option when you are looking for urgent financial support or support for a major life event. All cash offers drag all the attention of buyers. Landlords are always ready for these situations and are willing to give their property on rent to you. Landlords do not have to wait for other bank requirements or go through an irritating transaction process and can easily get cash in hand. 

Limited Tenants

Strange, Mysterious, Ghostly houses are not attracted to buyers. This clearly explains that this can be more problematic for the landlords. Experts advise advertising these properties more to get a reasonable first offer. These mysterious places attract some local buyers who give reasonable prices at first but the offers start coming down gradually. Experts say that waiting for more and more options to consider can decrease your buyer rate, so accepting the first option is the best idea.

Landlords who own more properties look for regular clients and even consider making this their side business. Experts advise them to accept the first offers to run this as a successful and profitable business. With too much of options, they can find it hard to choose the best deal and may end up losing the fair price offered at first. 

Rental offer for Inherited Homes

Inherited homes and properties can be the best place to live but if you want to move to a new place or don’t have the resources to maintain it then giving your property on rent quickly with a good rental fair can be a great boost to your financial support. You would not want to delay time and accept the first rental offer. Because wasting time may end up giving you a great deal of loss.

Bottom Line of Rental offer

Experienced Experts advise not to reject the first offer in this case. You may indeed get better offers later. But denying all the first offers bothers your dealings with your regular clients. We would suggest that if you want maximum profit and good deals, try to contact with best online estate agents. Experts advise the landlords to think over offers and not to straightforwardly reject them.

Here at Progress Property Services, we know what all Landlords and tenants need. We can happily help you with getting your property on rent in no time or get you some amazing deals from the market. Feel free to contact us and we will come up with great deals. Email us at

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