Top 10 Rent To Rent Websites In London, UK

top 10 rent to rent websites in london,uk

Searching rent to rent opportunity for a rental property in a huge city like London UK can be a wildering experience.

You may seem to be in the perfect mood to go lookout for some best deals and just get your hands on the right property straight away, but the thing starts getting out of hand when you can’t find all the resources in a single place.

You may find an attractive deal but can’t find any good reviews on it or you find a good property but the price is too high. Don’t worry! We got you covered. Whether you are looking for a place to rent, an HMO property, a spare room for yourself or just keeping an eye on the property market, we are here to help.

We have brought out a list of the Top 10 Rent-to-rent websites in London UK that can guide you on what you exactly wish for. We have also written up some information for you to help you with deciding what’s best.

Also answered the most frequently asked questions about rent-to-rent websites in London. Whatever you are looking for, we are happy to help.

Renting in London – How to prepare?

It is always recommended to have the basics worked out when you are going for a thorough search in the London Rental Market. Before you start be sure to have in mind what you exactly want.

I am not saying that has a perfect place in mind, but be a bit specific with the areas in London, the postcode, the style for the property, and most importantly your budget. With these in hand, I can assure you that you can find yourself an ideal home to rent.

Top 10 Rent to rent Websites in London UK:

1. Zoopla

zoopla limited logo vector

From the top, we start with one of the best and most renowned website Zoopla. Zoopla is one of the leading rent-to-rent websites in London that lets you rent houses providing you with a lot of features.

It has all properties listed featuring houses, flats, farms, etc. (Both Residential and Commercial). Zoopla besides showing you the listing offers you direct contact with the property agents. It shows you the point of interest, all property features, and a detailed description. It also shows you the flooring plans for the property.

One of the best features of Zoopla is that you can set up a marked area on the map and the website will only show you the properties lying in that area. You can also filter your search by seeing attractive nearby locations and accessibility to workplaces.

2. Open Rent


OpenRent is another leading rental website in London that comes in very handy for both tenants and landlords. Looking at its history, it was first launched in 2012 and started to dominate the London rental market in 2015.

From looking at the reviews it is quite obvious that people have had a great experience with them. Tenants feel confident in the manner that Open Rent will protect both their rent and deposit with no additional admin fee to pay.

One thing that makes Open Rent considerable is its “affordability calculator” feature. With this feature, tenants can type in their annual household income and receive an estimated monthly rent they can afford.

The features are not limited to this but the buyers can search based on search filters like area, top attractions, travel time, budget, etc. The buyers can message the Landlord or request a viewing of the property if they want to. Sharing is another great feature.

3. Gumtree


Unlike other websites in the competition, Gumtree is a free website that lets you post ads about your property or see others in your area.

This website is not only limited to houses but it is diverse in different categories featuring jobs, furniture, cars, etc.

Gumtree is a rental website that lets you send and receive messages, post and manage your ads, rate other listings, mark favorite ads to see them later, and you can also set alerts to receive updates about new property listings.

Gumtree provides you will all kinds of rental properties from commercial to holiday accommodation. Similar to other websites you can also filter your search based on property type, number of bedrooms, location, etc. Gumtree’s wide range of user safety tools has made searching far safer and scam-free.

4. Rightmove

rightmove logo

Rightmove is a London property rental website that has always given tough competition to all the competitors in the market.

It has one of the biggest property portfolios covering almost all rental properties in London. Similar to Zoopla, it enables you to mark the desired location on the map and see listings in that particular region.

One feature that makes Rightmove a perfect property website is that it has a “Renter Adviser” service which provides helpful tips and tricks to people new to renting.

Broadband speeds, another Rightmove feature views average internet speeds by postcode that makes searching easier. Rightmove also has the option for students to rent a property.

On Rightmove, you can either search rental properties by browsing on the map, properties available on particular tubes, or drawing searches based on different filters. If you choose a property to rent you can always contact the agent to know more details.

5. SpareRoom

Spare Room Logo

SpareRoom, another London rental website is a great platform for people to advertise their listings free of cost to attract buyers.

It is a great responsive website that lets you rent a house or find a “lodger” for someone having a spare room. According to many results, it has been claimed that SpareRoom is one of the busiest websites, stating that a flat is given on rent every 3 minutes.

SpareRoom is also a very safe website that has a team of moderators working 7 days a week to ensure accurate ads and content and remove dead properties.

It has given free space to people to search based on their importance. Like Rightmove, SpareRoom cam also helps you if you ever get stuck. Their team is always available with lots of tips and tricks.

6. RoomGo

RoomGo logo

RoomGo, previously known as EasyRoomate is another London property rental website.

It is a bit different from other websites. It allows its users to post an ad for a room or search for it. The way it works is that a user builds a profile about himself, putting in all the details (the maximum rent he can afford, dates to move in, etc.) and then you post it.

Then RoomGo alerts you with room matches and makes finding rental properties and rooms easier and more convenient for you. 

On RoomGo you can post ads for free or you have the option to become a premium member. You just need to enter the property address, fill out some important information about the property and just post it. With RoomGo, you can find the best matches for a flat share. RoomGo is also there to provide you with any guidance and advice you need.

7. Movebubble

movebubble logo

Movebubble, alongside a website, is also an Android and iOS app. It is a rental property engine that makes the renting process as easy and smooth as possible.

With Movebubble, you just need to select a preferred location, your budget, and your personal interests, and the website does the rest. It matches your data to other appropriate listings.

Landlords can post property pictures and videos, making it easy for tenants to view the properties in more detail.

Like many other rental websites, Movebubble has a “Renter Hub” that gives tenants some healthy tips, especially for new in the market.

8. Foxtons


Foxtons, unlike any other, is London’s Estate Agent. It has 50 offices across the city.

They have put down all valuable and high listing availabilities in their website that lets the users search for properties near their point of attraction.

You can search for the desired area on the map to see listings in that area. Also, you can stay alert with the MyFoxtons App.

9. Progress Property Services

Progress Property services logo

Progress Property Services, founded by Nathan Babundo is another great user-friendly London rental property website.

Its unique search options make it easier for tenants and landlords to browse through the properties. 

Progress Property Services provides its users with HMO deals, apartments, and Rent to SA deals at reasonable prices.

It also provides users with free and easy solutions for their vacant properties. Its rich WhatsApp group and Telegram channel is a place to be updated about new properties and join the community. Users can also download brochures to get a more detailed view of the property.

10. PrimeLocation

prime location logo

PrimeLocation for their buyers and renters is a highly reputable form covering all major areas of London and providing the best property solutions.

Keeping in mind the features and accessibility of the website, PrimeLocation is very similar to Zoopla. If any buyer is searching for luxury and premium property listings, PrimeLocation is given a shot.

Similar to other property websites, the advanced search helps the tenants and buyers to be more specific with their search and find the perfect property for them.

You can also contact the agent to enquire more about the property and see nearby attractions. With PrimeLocation, you get the option to share the property and see the floor plans and property location on the map.


Which Renting Markets website is best for you?

Well, the answer is that IT DEPENDS! It depends upon the property you are searching for, it depends upon your budget.

It depends upon your likes and dislikes.

There are multiple websites available that let you rent the most affordable rooms and houses or you can wish for some luxury and get it at a higher price. Even by looking at the homepage of a website, we can tell the audience, the website targets.

What we recommend is to search for some introductory information about the company, and the agents. Search for Testimonials and play out with some property listing search tools, there may be some surprises that might turn out for you.

The list that we have provided is all the options we think are best for staying in London. We hope to provide you with some great, affordable, luxurious deals you can trade in for and find yourself a perfect property in London.

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